Range of Products
Mineplast Fire Resistant belting has a proven track record of superior service in coal mining and other similar applications where the high, continuous output depends largely on the performance and reliability of the belt. Mineplast Fire Resistant, designed primarily for use in underground and other potentially hazardous situations, meets and in many cases, exceeds the fire-resistance and anti-static requirements of all worldwide safety standards. Through its PVC compounds, customizable cover thickness and its solid woven carcass, making the belt ideal for conveying coal, potash, phosphate, fertilizer, clay, gypsum and salt. It is also suited for use in the timber industry.
We manufacture the most extensive range of products comprising Type-3 to Type-6 that are the most suitable for meeting Indian requirements and Type-3 to Type-12 that are popular in markets abroad.
Technical Information
The table shows nominal figures for minimum warp & weft breaking strengths, belt thickness & weight for a selection of belt types, based on 1mm x 1mm PVC covers on either side. For every additional 1mm PVC, add 1.25kg/ for PVC covers. Nominal values with 1+1 PVC covers.
We provide several value-added products in our sales mix and count several demanding multinationals as clients.
Product Features
  • All-synthetic high tenacity centre warp yarns, for strength and minimum elongation.
  • All-synthetic pile warp yarns, to protect against impact damage, improve adhesion and give superb fastener bedding.
  • Composite weft yarn, to give optimum transverse rigidity and superb fastener holding.
  • Woven selvedge to reduce edge-ware and improve belt life.
  • Complete vacuum impregnation and consolidation of PVC compound through solid woven fabric, to improve tear strength and to reduce ingress of moisture.
  • Special PVC cover, to reduce abrasion and improve carrying capacity through the life of the belt.
We deploy wide-ranging engineering capabilities to complete manufacturing of products on schedule realizing that our products drive our customer's business ahead.
Product Advantages
  • Homogenous and integrated belt structure.
  • High tear/rip resistance.
  • High modulus belt, for low operating elongation.
  • Vastly superior fastener holding.
  • Optimum longitudinal flexibility, to allow use of lower pulley diameters.
  • Woven selvedge, to reduce rate of edge wear.
  • Trough ability, designed for belt to perfectly seat on the idlers.
We enjoy robust relationships with several reputed Indian and international vendors for cost-effective and uninterrupted sourcing of key raw material resource inputs.
The Advantages of Mineplast
Complete in-house manufacturing - from yarn preparation, fabric weaving, compound mixing to belt finishing - to ensure total process and quality control at each step of manufacturing activity. Each belting roll is tested for physical, fire retardant and anti static properties - one of the few manufacturers who can claim to do 100% tests on all belts. A Dun and Bradstreet registered company with D-U-N-N-S number 86-225-1696. One of the best conveyor belting test facilities where a fully equipped test laboratory conducts test of all incoming yarns and chemicals, as well as on finished product, including tests for flame, static conductivity drum-friction, limited oxygen index, etc. In addition, physical tests like tensile strength, elongation, tear, adhesion, fastener holding, trough ability etc. are also conducted as routine tests. ICL is an ISO 9001 certified company for its entire operation, including manufacturing, purchasing and marketing.
In the field of producing solid woven fire-retardant anti-static PVC Conveyor Belting for underground mining we are India's largest listed company having about 40% domestic market share.
Manufacturing Process
  • Twisting and doubling machines, capable of handling up to 20 Tons of yarn at a time.
  • One of the widest and heaviest beaming machines in the world with a 2400 mm beam width.
  • Weaving looms capable of handling up to 22 tons of beamed yarn in a single load.
  • Highly skilled workforce with an average on-the-job experience exceeding 20 years.
  • At least three of the widest and heaviest woven belting looms in the world, with up to 2100mm reed space and each weighing up to 100 tons, including their structure, machine and loaded beam weights.
  • Quartz infra-red heat curing.
  • Fully equipped Test Laboratory .
  • Six storey high Vacuum Impregnation Tower.
  • Electronically controlled Integrated Coating plant.
We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company meeting international quality benchmarks. We also enjoy several certifications and endorsements from stringent global regulatory bodies.
Independent Test Results
  • Global – Dun and Bradstreet assigned D&B D-U-N-S Number: 65-066-9146
  • Global – ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
  • Country specific Mine Safety Approval (Fire Retardant Antistatic – FRAS) for product usage:

  • India – Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) approval conforming to IS 3181:1992 (Second Revision).
  • USA – Mine Safety and Health Administration approval conforming to US-MSHA Part-14, Title 30 of Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).
  • USA –Mine Safety and Health Administration approval conforming to US-MSHA Part-18, Title 30 of Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).
  • Canada – Conforming to CSA-M422-14 Type A-1.1.
  • Australia – TestSafe Australia conforming to AS 4606:2012 Grade ‘S’.
  • South Africa – South African Bureau of Standards conforming to SANS 971:2003.
  • China – Approval conforming to MT914-2008